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My Story

Lily of the Valley Floral + Gifts began as a dream that literally woke up lead designer, Jess Argetsinger, in the middle of the night and became a vision for her family and community. 

The actual flower, Lily of the Valley, has several meanings, but it resonates so deeply in her heart as returned joy, as well as purity and humility. In Christianity, it has also come to symbolize the second coming of Christ and the aiding of man to see a brighter future. 

I have always appreciated the beauty of flowers and our motto, Making Hearts Bloom, came about as I have seen how flowers can let someone know their presence is a valued gift. My heart’s song is to make people know they are seen, they are valued, and they are appreciated.

Lily of the Valley Floral wants to be a part of life's moments with and for people—whether that be in their seasons and stories of greatest happiness, or as a comfort during personal grief.

I hope it comes through a smile and service provided as one steps up to my flower cart at the local farmer's market, when creating a special memorial design, while decorating for a wedding day, or in delivering a floral design that may be preserved and treasured for years to come.

I seek to share joy and beauty as I serve your needs and help make more hearts bloom across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin region.

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